This article will properly show you how to search for your parts and trouble shoot your appliance in these steps.

Find your make and model
Find your model number (like a cars vin number)
Figure out what the appliance is doing or not doing properly.
Appropriate testing
Find your parts.
First of all you would need to find your appliance make and model Whirlpool Appliance Repair Los Angeles. So lets say you have a refrigerator and its made by “whirlpool” and on the refrigerator it says “gold” that would be your make and model. Now you search for the appliance model number in the refrigerator. Usually in side the fridge side.

So now we have a Whirlpool Gold refrigerator with the model number 110.8944532j and it is not cooling the fridge side. Usually that indicates there is a defrost problem or the evaporator fan motor. Get inside the freezer and get to the back panel.

Start with a visual test, sometimes that would indicate the problem. If not start by taking volt measurements and such.

Now once you have found your problem you can search for your Discount Parts and Replacement Parts.

The biggest problem with that is there is so many competitors and all at the same price or if you want aftermarket replacement parts or discount parts then that is when you have to compare prices. Also make sure they are legitimate and do not sell on eBay because you can run into spammers.

Most of the time when I help people with their appliance parts needs and repair needs it makes it easier when you gather tools up and then call for more help. Also have a cordless phone or a phone on speaker is also a good thing to have when consulting on the phone when you are tyring to seek help for your needs.

Appliance Parts – Discount and Replacement

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