Tumble Dryer Problems Solved!

Tumble dryer problems do not always require a call to the repairman. Many simple fixes can be done at home with only a moderate level of mechanical skill. At minimum, you must know how to work a screwdriver and follow basic safety instructions. Before you plan to perform any type of repair, you must know if you your tumble dryer is heated by gas or electricity.

How to Open a Tumble Dryer

Tumble dryers are fairly simple to open lg dryer repair pasadena, but, at first, can appear intimidating. If you can open the dryer, however, you should have enough skill to do the repairs. Always disconnect the electricity before opening the dryer. To remove the top, first take out the lint trap. There are often screws in the lint trap compartment that need to be removed. Using a sturdy putty knife, insert it into the groove between the top and side panel. On some models you need only to pry the top up. Other models will have a clip that must be unlocked on the front corners with the putty knife.

To open the front, unscrew the front bottom panel. Put two blocks under the tumbler to support it, and disconnect the wires from the door. The front should lift off. This will give you access to most components of the dryer.

Nothing Works

If the dryer doesn’t do anything when you turn it on, check to see that it is receiving electricity. Will anything else work from the outlet? Check the circuit breaker or fuse box for the outlet. The next thing to check is the door switch. If the door switch is faulty, it will keep the dryer from activating. The switch is easily reachable from the top or front if you need to replace it. If the dryer still doesn’t work, it may be an internal fuse. A thermal fuse is usually located in the exhaust duct of the unit. If the fuse is blown, the dryer will not operate. If the fuse is intact, check the wiring from the power cord. It may not be securely attached to the terminal block.

It Tumbles, But There’s No Heat

If there’s no heat to your tumble dryer, check the electricity first. The dryer may have two circuits or fuses. Be sure to check both of them. Often, one is for the motor, and the other is for the heating element. If you have a gas dryer, the ignition may be out. Replacing the ignition may solve the problem. Also check to see that gas is getting to the dryer. If your dryer doesn’t have an ignition, it has a pilot light. Make sure the pilot light is lit. If not, relight it.

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