It is always easier to write about the wrongs people do, especially those concerning tricksters bilking others out of their hard-earned money. Those involving shady trades people are particularly nasty, because they can affect anyone, at anytime, triggered merely by the faulty flush of a toilet. What is more difficult to write about, and way less sensational, are heart-warming stories about how the do-it-yourselfers among us are able to fix an appliance and bring it back to life, and the folks who help make it all possible.

I have many friends who are plumbers, hard working kenmore appliance repair los angeles, honest individuals who are having a rough time of it right now because more and more people are turning to do-it-yourselfing. You cannot refer to it as just a “man thing”; the economy doesn’t leave people much of a choice. Everyone looks at the cost of parts and service calls as being rather high, no matter how inexpensive the part or how reasonable the service charge may be. If you’re struggling like me, saving money has taken over as the biggest motivator for doing things on your own.

I am not shy about tackling a variety of tasks. For instance, several weeks ago, the drive belt on my clothes dryer snapped in two and I had to take lots of things apart before making the discovery that the belt was the problem. So I used process of elimination on Map Quest for about half an hour, finally discovering a replacement source about ten miles away from where the dryer sat. I grabbed the belt, got into my car and drove until I found the parts place. I talked to the guy, got some advice, paid around twenty bucks for the part, and spent the better part of the day hooking it all up. I’m not telling you about all the time I spent just circling the dryer, sitting there and staring at it, or the ten tries I made before finally hooking up the new belt, with, I might add, help from my teenage daughter. I’m not even going into the fact that I had three screws left over when I was done. The important thing is that it got done, it works perfectly, and I have bragging rights around my house as an appliance repair genius.

Now here comes another problem. This time it’s my dishwasher. It won’t drain. It’s not something I can walk around and investigate from every angle. This thing sits under a counter, between two cabinets. And everyone is expecting the appliance repair genius to fix it in no time. So, the first thing I do is assess the problem as best I can and call my appliance guy for some guidance. But whatdyaknow, even the parts place wasn’t safe from this economy, and now it no longer exists. Without an appliance guy, what is a do-it-yourselfer to do?

I go on the internet, put questions in the search engines for about fifteen minutes, phrasing it this way, re-phrasing it that way, any way I can to get some kind of a clue about what is wrong with this dishwasher. But nobody’s giving the answers away and I’m becoming extremely frustrated. Until I hit the mother lode. The site of sites. A place you just know is going to make the difference.

So I do what they tell me to do. I fill out a simple form for the repair guru with all the usual information they need; model number, serial number, and I get to describe the problem in as many words as I want. A day or so later, I have an answer. With pictures. What’s better than that? They give me an answer to the questions I asked, and then some, even directing me to additional resources on their site.

After investigating the problem, walking downstairs to my basement and looking up at the piping, walking back upstairs and looking down at the water standing in my dishwasher, I have come to the conclusion that this was a rather unconventional installation that needs the intervention of one of my plumber friends. I could call this internet repair guru, but right now it’s Sunday, and I feel a little more comfortable talking to my friend. When we get into this conversation, I can at least talk to him like one pro to another, because thanks to the repair guru, I know what I’m talking about. When all is said and done and it comes time to buy my parts for this repair job, I’m definitely, positively buying my parts from this internet site, because they’re the ones who helped me the most. Maybe next time I’ll get up enough gumption to call them direct. In the meantime, without knowing the prognosis of my repair, I’m just satisfied to connect another do-it-yourselfer to this invaluable source of help and information. Sort of like paying it forward. Unfortunately, I can’t come right out and give you their contact information, because strict rules against promoting a business in an article prevail. However, if you’ve got any detective in you, maybe you can figure out how to track them down yourself.

Who Can You Rely Upon to Give You Do It Yourself Appliance Advice For Free?

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